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And the Australian distributor for W-Cycle SupraPulp™ is...

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Eco Materials Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement to distribute the eco-friendly packaging solutions from W-Cycle, an Israeli based high-tech company specialising in materials to replace single-use plastics. This is an important step for Australia to loosen its reliance on plastics that cover most products shipped in the local market.

The W-Cycle SupraPulp™ packaging can be used for hot, wet and greasy foods. It will not leak nor absorb liquids and oils and a consumer can heat foods packaged in SupraPulp™ up to 270˚c and freeze it as low as -40˚c, thus reducing the amount of handling when preparing meals. Once used, the SupraPulp™ packaging can be composted and has received certification for home and industrial seed composting systems.

In a recent study by Mordor Intelligence, Australia's reliance on plastic packaging is expected to grow by 3.8% a year through to 2025, despite efforts by Federal and State Governments working hard to stop its use. Using SupraPulp™ packaging from Eco Materials will help reduce the amount of plastics being used for food products and help Australia regain its reputation as a clean country.

Talk to Eco Materials today to find out how SupraPulp™ packaging can help your business switch from plastic to a natural, compostable product!

About Eco Materials Pty Ltd

Eco Materials Pty Ltd was founded late 2019 by Sam Nehlaoui, Jairo Campos and Stephen Wells to find solutions to one of the biggest problems that modern life has created - the massive amounts of plastic being used and wasted - in some instances, the plastic packaging has a life of less than 14 days before reaching landfill! Australian, and global, communities cannot continue with this model of packaging.

The three founders want to leave this planet in a better condition than when we arrived and to do this we have to take responsibility for our actions. This ethos has driven our search for quality, natural products to replace plastics.

Based in Sydney and Brisbane, Eco Materials is becoming the leader in sourcing eco-friendly packaging products and our goal is to bring these to market through local manufacturing.

About W-Cycle

W-Cycle is an Israeli research and technology company developing natural packaging products to replace plastics. Their patented technology takes the waste from plant sourced processes and converts it into fresh products to fully utilise the availability of natural resources.

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