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Our Products

The world is full of single-use products - mostly plastic - and we all know that these items will end up in our oceans and waterways, killing precious wildlife. Even so-called biodegradable materials can take up to 18 months to break down in a commercial composting system, so we have to spend money to get rid of it! We believe this is not the way we should be treating our planet! 

Freezer2oven food trays

We are exclusive representatives for W-Cycle in ANZ, a biotechnology company that specialises in pulp packaging solutions for the food-service industry. More

Mycelium solutions

We are exclusive representatives for Biomyc  in ANZ, a biodesign company that creates innovative solutions using Mycelium based materials. Contact us for more details

Design services

We capture your requirements to design solutions specific to your needs but also harmless to the environment. Our research and design team will find the best materials and design great solutions that reduce your impact and costs. Contact us for details

The Good Cup

We are representatives for The good Cup in ANZ, a biodesign company that creates innovative solutions using environmentally friendly materials. More

Raw Materials

Our raw materials can be moulded or extruded by existing machinery (with some changes to their settings) enabling a fast turn around and reduced costs in switching to our products. Please contact us to learn about how our materials will help change consumers reliance on oil-based plastics.


We partner with our customers to develop new products and alternatives, exploring new formulations to use Eco Materials raw materials to create new products and bring alternatives to single use plastic products.

Consumer products

Our products are made from naturally sourced ingredients and break down safely. If they ever get into our waterways or on our ocean beaches they will break down into harmless substances. Our wildlife will appreciate you thinking about them when your customers buy products with our materials!

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