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Laundry bags

Environmentally friendly bags that are 100%  water soluble and natural. Health and care organisations using our bags can help avoiding contact with clothes of the infected when their staff are collecting them for the washing rounds. Laundry bags are taken unopen directly to the washing machine with out anyone having direct contact with the contents. The bags will dissolve during the laundry leaving no residue  


Reusable bags


Non-woven fabric bags with handles that allow carrying it comfortably with hand or on shoulder. Perfect for any type of shopping, retail packaging, food delivery, etc. these bags can be used multiple times until the user decides it is not needed anymore, then it can be dissolved in hot water. Bags can also be printed with custom-made motive.  

cloth bags.jpg

Face Masks

Environmentally friendly face mask that are 100%  water soluble and natural. Organisations using our masks can help the environment by reducing the  number of cotton or fabric masks impacting our parks, streets and water sources. Once used our masks can easily be discarded by dissolving them in hot water, eliminating the possible viruses, additional contact with third parties and the volume of waste. 


Dog Bags

Environmentally friendly dog waste bags that are 100%  water soluble and natural. The Dog bags are taken unopen directly to the disposal bin or to the home bathroom where it can be flushed as the bags will dissolve while moving through the pipes leaving no residue other than the Dog wastage

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