Wouldn't you rather sell your products in environmentally safe packaging?


Consumers want their purchases presented, wrapped and protected at the point of sale ensuring a fresh and quality product. The by-product is a huge amount of wastage and pressure on our Councils to keep our environment clean. Cheap packaging means costly clean-ups and this is just one case.


Eco Materials solves the problem of single products turning into an ecological disaster!


Our products are made from naturally sourced ingredients and break down safely when put into residential compost systems as well as commercial systems used by local councils. If they ever get into our waterways or on our ocean beaches they will break down into harmless substances. Our wildlife will appreciate your thinking about them when your customers buy products with our packaging!


We welcome you to explore our eco-friendly products and to talk with us about ensuring your products and packaging are providing the most sustainable approach possible. We have a range of products that can cover many different uses, for example:

  • Freezer2Oven and Fridge2Oven food containers

  • Cups, plates, and trays

  • Consulting and design services for sustainable packaging solutions 

  • Innovative packaging and materials


Talk to us today to discuss how we can provide you with services and products that complete your business and improves your ecological footprint.

A cleaner world for present and future generations!