Bagasse Packaging

The bagasse based packaging that Eco Materials supplies is unique in that it is not only 100% natural, however it is also cool to touch and can be microwaveable, is oven ready and can be placed in a freezer. Suggested uses include:

  • Food Manufacturers
  • Caterers
  • Airlines
  • Health, Aged Care or other Residential Institutions

Mushroom Packaging

As our mushroom based packaging is thicker, it is perfect for transportation and its versatility making it ideal for many use cases, including:
  • Wine and Glassware packaging
  • Design, Architecture and Building Artifacts
  • High-end Electrical Equipment packaging
  • High-end Technology packaging (e.g. drones, robots and camera gear etc.)
  • White Goods Protection
  • Automotive Components
  • Bespoke Transport Packaging

Soluble Packaging

Soluble packaging is the ultimate replacement for single-use plastic bags. Being soluble, means that the bag can be washed away safely with no impact on humans, animals or plants. Other uses include:

  • Medical Personal Protection Equipment
  • Single use Film Wrapping
  • Single use Medical Bags for Sterile Equipment
  • Single use wrappings for Technology Consumables
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Eliminating single use plastic packaging

Partnering with our customers

We partner with our customers to develop new products and alternatives, exploring new formulations to use Eco Materials raw materials to create new products and bring alternatives to single use plastic products.

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