Raw Materials For Safer Packaging

Bagasse-based Materials

For catering and food packaging we use a Bagasse-based material. Bagasse is the waste product from the refining of sugar cane. This material can be moulded into a variety of shapes that are suitable for hot or frozen foods. The critical benefit is that after use, the packaging will break down into natural substances, so is able to be composted in residential systems.

Currently sourced from the Mediteranean region, Eco Materials is working to find manufacturing partners in Australia to further lower the eco-footprint of the materials.

Mushroom-based Materials

Originally sourced from Eastern Europe, this material is also a natural product that breaks down very quickly after use. Eco Materials recommend this raw material for shipping packaging, for example, as a replacement for polysterene and the softer plastics used to protect machinery, glass or other products that need to be transported safely.

Our intention, like the Bagasse material is to manufacture in Australia for customers in this region.

Soluble Granules

We have sourced a new raw material made by a synthesis from calcium carbide and natural gas. Products using this material completely dissolve in water in around 5 minutes - compared to up to 500 years for regular plastic bags to break down. The speed of the absorption is based on the material structure and the temperature, hence we provide materials that start to break down based on the heat required.

Eco Materials has had the material reviewed by a local scientist based on stringent European test results and they show that the material is safe for human consumption should it get into a water source. This means that single use products made from Eco Materials sourced granules can be washed away in normal cycles of a dish-washer, washing machine or even disposed of in the normal sewage systems.

An additional benefit is that any single use packaging made from the granules does not need multiple handling or logistics to remove the waste - saving taxpayers money by reducing the costs incurred by local councils.

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Eliminating single use plastic products

Leading the path of sustainable living and offering a viable alternative to the packaging industry

Our raw materials can be moulded or extruded by existing machinery (with some changes to their settings) enabling a fast turn around of raw materials and reduced costs in switching to our products. Please contact one of our representatives to start learning about how our materials will help change consumers reliance on oil-based plastics.

Partnering with our customers

We partner with our customers to develop new products and alternatives, exploring new formulations to use Eco Materials raw materials to create new products and bring alternatives to single use plastic products.

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